Regions EMS has strong showing at NAEMSP!

logoRegions EMS has a strong showing at the National Association of EMS Physicians annual meeting this week. Two of our abstracts are being presented by resident physicians from our affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency program! 


  1. Comparison of Success Rates between Two Video Laryngscope Systems Used in a Prehospital Clinical Trial. Oral Presentation by Dr. Aaron Burnett.
  2. Facilitation of Uninterrupted Chest Compressions by Paramedics: The Role of the Video Laryngscope. Dr Samantha Kealey presenting.
  3. Does Health Status Influence the Willingness to Provide Informed Consent? Results from a Cardiac Arrest Trail Conducted under Exception from Informed Consent. Josh Salzman, director Regions Hospital Critical Care Research Center presenting.
  4. Determinants of Ventricular Fibrillation Incidence as First Recorded Rhythm during Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Association with Long Term Neurologic Outcomes. Observations from a Large Randomized Clinical Study. Dr. RJ Frascone presenting
  5. Alternative Airway use by Paramedics after Video Laryngscope Failure. Dr. Zabrina Evens presenting.



About Regions EMS Physician

Regions EMS is an academic department providing medical direction to over 1500 prehospital provders. We host an EMS fellowship and are affiliated with Regions Hospital EM residency. I am a practicing Emergency Physician and the Assistant Medicl Director for Regions Hospital EMS in St. Paul, Minnesota. My career in medicine started with my certified first responder-defibrillation (CFR-D) certification by NYS at age 16. I earned my EMT at 18 while I was employed by the Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad as a BLS crew chief. During undergrad I transferred my certification to Massachusetts and was employed by several private EMS agencies over the next 4 years. For medical school I returned to NY and completed my MD degree at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Residency training in Emergency Medicine brought me to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where I had the privilege to serve as chief resident in 2009. From 2010-2011 I completed a prehospital medicine/EMS fellowship under the medical direction of Dr. RJ Frascone. Aaron Burnett, M.D. Assistant Medical Director Regions Hospital EMS
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